Build a life that makes your child's eyes shine! 

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 It's the worst feeling in the world to be a mom and know your children aren't getting what they need---to watch their inner 'light' go dim a little more each day, and feel powerless to stop it.


Today's moms need a powerful remedy to offset the demands of the modern-day world; a lifestyle that ensures your children maintain a sense of wonder and hope.


This is where Nature comes into play.


Watch the video below as Trista and Ricardo talk about the Natural Advantage and its role in parenting. 


Introducing The Forest Mom Program

A unique online, on-demand course that teaches moms how to use the power of nature to raise confident and grounded children.

This program is for you if you:   

  • Want to help your children get off screens and out in nature.
  • Yearn for more meaningful family time and connection. 
  • Crave a nature-based, rhythmic lifestyle that provides a sanctuary from the high-speed modern world.
  • Want time-tested tools that help your children get inspired and motivated to learn.
  • Long to create a rich, meaningful inner life for yourself and your family.
  • Want to give your children a foundation of skills and habits for them to create healthy, purposeful lives.
  • Know that with all the distractions, your child's natural-born gifts may never actualize.
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Here are a few of the Benefits...

An Inspired Life

Children who grow up in environments that support their creativity and imagination learn how to think 'outside the box'.   

They can express themselves in many ways, which helps them respond to challenges in active, positive ways.   

These problem solving skills are the first step to building natural leadership skills.



A Grounded Life

Being 'rooted' and connected to a natural place helps children feel safe and stable, emotionally and mentally.   

These children understand the ebb and flow of the seasons, and how change is a natural and constant part of life.

They know to seek support from their families and nature in times of need, and to be grateful and appreciative of the gifts shared from both sources.

A Skillful Life

There's a confidence and sense of security that's gained when our child learns how to master a new skill or tool.   Whether it's woodworking, arts and crafts, wilderness skills or cooking, each success builds self-esteem and trust in what they can accomplish through focus and effort.

This trial and error learning is essential for developing an understanding of who we are and what we can do that lasts throughout life.

This Program works for moms in any bioregion.  Decide which activities and skills you want to explore, based on your interests and needs 



Expert Guidance

Trista and Ricardo have been providing transformational, wilderness programs for children and adults for over thirty years.  They are the founding directors of Hawk Circle Retreat and Education Center and The Earth Mentoring Institute in Upstate New York. Ricardo and Trista live on 200 acres of wilderness at Hawk Circle where they raised their three children.


Your Forest Mom Program includes:

Foundation Curriculum

We provide 13 modules that form the foundation of skills and approaches that quickly build your Forest Mom abilities.  Each module is taught  through videos, written PDF lessons and worksheets, audio recordings and resources.   No matter how you like to learn, we have you covered!

Here's what's included:   Awakening to Nature, Rhythm and Ritual, The Art of Storytelling, The Gift of Family Archetypes, Coming of Age, The Inner Landscape, The Alchemy of Motherhood, Circle of the Seasons, The Practical and Grounded Mom, The Forest Mom Guides to Childhood Ages Birth to 5, Ages 6-11, Ages 12-17 and The Forest Mom Guide to Gear and Equipment.

Guided Forest Activities & Skills Curriculum

We offer detailed instruction with how-to videos and downloadable PDFs for over 12 different wilderness crafts, activities and skills suitable for a variety of ages and are super fun!  Activities are designed to help you quickly learn our favorite and most effective skills so you can enjoy them with your family.

Here's what's included:   Tool Use & Safety, Campfire Skills, Herbal Calendula Salves, The Art of Shelters, Secrets of Stone Tools, Weaving Willow Trays, Canning Jams & Jellies, Crafting Leather Pouches, Coal Burning Wooden Bowls, Natural Fiber Cords & String, Animal Tracking Journals, Plants & Tree Journals and more.

Each activity comes with a supply list and where to get them, an audio recording with more in-depth instruction, and stories to inspire and enjoy.

Forest Mom Tribe

Upon registering, you'll be invited into our private Facebook Group for sharing and connecting, and for getting support from Trista and Ricardo.  

Each month, we'll offer a live Q&A session to discuss topics more in depth,  answer your questions, problem-solve, and come up with solutions for you and your family.

The Facebook group is also a great place for you to share your experiences, both challenges and triumphs, and to get inspired by seeing what other group members are doing.  It's also wonderful to connect with other moms who share your same values and mindset for raising children. 

Plus, Age-Specific Lessons

⭐ Birth to Age 5

⭐ Age 6 - 11

⭐ Age 12 - 17

And...Skills and Activities, such as:

⭐ Fire Skills

⭐ Debris Shelter

⭐ Gardening

⭐ Making Salve

⭐ Coal Burning

Here's a Sneak Peek at the Program Curriculum!

Nine Core Lessons

⭐ Awakening to Nature

⭐ The Power of Rhythm & Ritual

⭐ The Art of Storytelling

⭐ The Gift of Your Family Archetype

⭐ Transformation and Coming of Age

⭐ Your Inner World

⭐ The Alchemy of Motherhood

⭐ Circle of the Seasons

⭐ The Practical and Grounded Mom

Plus, Age-Specific Lessons

⭐ Birth to Age 5

⭐ Age 6 - 11

⭐ Age 12 - 17

And...Skills and Activities Such As:

⭐ Fire Skills

⭐ Debris Shelter

⭐ Gardening

⭐ Making Salve

⭐ Coal Burning

Bonus - Private Call

Sign-up by November 28th and you'll get this exclusive Forest Mom Deep Dive Session with Trista!  

This private, one-hour phone or zoom call offers support to work through common family challenges. 

So often, issues go unaddressed because either we have no one to turn to, we don't understand the issue, or life just gets busy.

But the challenges persist and weigh heavy on your heart.

During your Deep Dive with Trista, you'll gain insight, tools and a well-thought out strategy to address core family issues.  

This call will give you a deeper and more joyful connection with your family! 

"Her work with individuals provides them with a sense of relief during chaotic times and a sense of being lovingly held during crisis.  She is truly a beacon of light during dark times." 

LM, New York

"Through my work with Trista, I have learned how much my personal reality is dictated by my own attitudes and beliefs.  My relationship with myself has improved.  I have become more gentle with myself, and this has helped me to be more gentle with life." 

SL, Vermont


Here's What Others Are Saying About The Forest Mom Program

"Ricardo, I can not thank you enough.  The wilderness skills that you taught Gabe are a true gift!  I've spent the past two years so worried about him.  But after learning these skills, he's outdoors more, his enthusiasm for life has returned and so has the sparkle in his eyes.  THANK YOU!"


"Trista is the wise woman of the woods that we always dream of knowing.  Her words and insight so gracefully untangle what has felt like a confusing, tightly woven knot.  I leave our conversations feeling clear and empowered to create the life I want."  


Questions? We've got answers!

Choose your plan:

Installment Plan

2 x $287 USD

Most Flexible


✔ Instant access to all 13 modules

✔ Activities, supply lists, and instructions

✔ Private Facebook Community

 Monthly live Q&A

✔ Lifetime access to program updates


One Installment

$497 USD

Best Value


Instant access to all 13 modules

Activities, supply lists, and instructions

Private Facebook Community

Monthly live Q&A

Lifetime access to program updates


The Forest Mom program opens on Saturday, November 28th, so register now and save your spot!